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Spending Too Much on Commercial Waste?

Waste Types

Our commercial trash compactor models have been the leading choice for waste compaction for many years. Everyone from the U.S. Navy to Purolator to Boeing has used our innovative commercial trash compactor products.

Whether you’re looking for a commercial garbage compactor for an oil rig, designed to the food industry’s rigid specifications, or a compactor that can withstand hazardous materials or explosives, KenBay has a product that can do the job.


Landfill Waste from Various Stations and Sources

50 lb Sacks from Packaging of Grains and Backing Ingredients

Hazardous Waste

Waste Produced in Explosive Environments

Waste from Edge Trim & Label Matrix Systems


Plastic Wrap

Waste to Energy (WtE)

Destruction of Rejected Products

Non-Renewable Super Sacks

See the RotoPac Commercial Trash Compactor in Action.

The RotoPac commercial trash compactor combines advanced compaction with a minimal footprint. If you have room on your plant floor for a pallet, you’ve got room for a RotoPac.

Who We Serve

Our commercial trash compactor models have been the leading choice for industrial compaction for many years. Our innovative commercial waste disposal equipment has been used by everyone from the U.S. Navy to Purolator to Boeing.


Who are our customers

KenBay provides our clients with innovative equipment to maximize safety and sustainability and minimize the impact of solid industrial waste removal on labor and hauling costs, even in challenging environments.

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